Everyone has their own stance on how much to add to the bill when eating or drinking out — and whether you believe you’re a generous tipper or just so-so, it’s likely that your habits don’t exactly line up with everyone else’s.

A recent survey aimed to capture Americans’ perspectives on service industry tipping in 2022. To gain an overview of attitudes towards tipping etiquette, PlayUSA conducted a Sept. 2022 survey of 1,006 individuals across generations, genders, income levels, and employment status.

When asked if they were a “good tipper,” 86 percent of respondents said yes. This included 90 percent of women surveyed and 83 percent of men surveyed. Baby Boomers were the most optimistic group in this area, as 95 percent of the generational group surveyed said they always tip, with Gen X, Millennials (both 84 percent), and Gen Z (74 percent) trailing behind.

Previous restaurant-related experience seems to influence how individuals tip on a bill; out of the 52 percent of respondents that had previously worked in the service industry, 39 percent said this impacts their tipping habits.

The survey revealed a few other interesting tidbits:

  • 23 percent of respondents say they tip more during the holiday season than at other times of the year.
  • Bad service? 53 percent of respondents said they have previously not tipped because of less-than-ideal service, and 68 percent said they base the tip amount on the quality of service.
  • One in three Gen Zers and Millennials tip the same, regardless of the service quality.
  • Restaurants with an iPad tipping option cause pressure to tip, according to 54 percent of respondents.

The complete survey results can be found at PlayUSA’s website. Wherever you fall on the spectrum of good and bad tippers, these insights are definitely food for thought.