There are few things more annoying than an agonizing hangover. Fear not, though! TikTok always delivers new hacks for our drinking woes.

Earlier this month, one user posted a viral hangover cure: a bubbly citrus drink containing only four ingredients. TikTok user @desigirleatstheworld shared her recipe to the platform on Oct. 8, captioning it, “curing my hangover, [D]esi style.”


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In the over 90-second video, she combines four items for her miracle cure: sparkling water, coconut water, lime, and black salt.

She first pours the carbonated water into a large glass, then tops it off with boxed coconut water, a beverage heralded for its hydrating properties. She pops the lime briefly in the microwave to make it easier to juice, squeezes it into the carafe, and to top it all off, she mixes in an unnamed spice; while she doesn’t include ingredients in the video, many commenters speculate that this mystery ingredient is black salt.

Commenters on the original video shared their personal “hangover cures,” which are similar but might swap out the black salt for Himalayan salt or omit the coconut water.

This hangover drink joins the likes of other TikTok drinking “hacks,” including a baking soda challenge from earlier this year. In now-viral videos, users claimed that adding baking soda to liquor erases the sharp taste of ethanol.

Does the hangover cure actually help stomp out those annoying symptoms after a night of drinking? One can only hope.