Every Valentine’s Day, students at Delhi University offer prayers and worship to the Damdami tree, also known as the Virgin Tree. This particular tree, a neem or medicinal type of mahogany, is special because of the white liquid that oozes from its sap. It’s alcoholic, and it’s known as “neem beer.”

There’s little on this earth that college kids like better than free beer, and the Damdami tree provides. Students at Delhi University have enjoyed knocking back a few of the tree suds.

For those looking to elevate their spirits, the Damdami tree has a solution, keeping its visitors both “high and hydrated,” according to the Hindustan Times. Patrons of the neem beer seem to prefer it over actual liquor, both for its quality and that it’s free.

Mahesh Prasad, a gardener on campus, says the neem beer smells like toddy and tastes bitter. And if you’re looking for the tree on the university grounds, just follow it’s “beer-like” aroma. You’ll find it on the North Campus.

The tree produces about 10 litres of sap a day, reports Indian Express. And while it’s not the only neem tree out there, it does appear to be the only one on or near by the college campus that produces beer.

Some experts say the neem beer is caused by germs that multiply within the cracks of the tree and the sap as it ferments. The result is a gaseous alcohol. However, experts also suggest that drinking too much of the raw sap could be unhealthy.