Here at VinePair we love to drink and tweet, and according to this new map, so does the rest of America. Brandwatch analyzed millions of tweets from the first quarter of 2015 to figure out what America really likes to drink state by state. CNBC used this data to create a map that shows different states’ tipple of choice – that is, according to their tweets.

This map shows what America drinks according to their tweets

The map shows that while the Midwest prefers beer, most of America is tweeting about hard liquor. Shockingly, only 15% of boozy tweets were wine related, and they were mostly concentrated in New York and – you guessed it – California. The specific hard liquors preferred from state to state were not mentioned, but we have a map that shows which states prefer vodka as opposed to whiskey and vice versa. While it’s not clear if these tweets are representative of sales numbers, they’re telling of the varying booze cultures in different areas of America.

Check out an interactive version of the map here, and the rest of our maps here.