As Wayne Martin began to dig a massive hole in his backyard, many of his friends and neighbors thought he was absolutely nuts. The hole Wayne was digging didn’t make sense for use as an in-ground swimming pool, especially once Wayne lined the bottom with a six-inch layer of peat and gravel, so what the heck was he building?!
The hole for the wine cellarWayne purchased an old shipping container, sealed up the container’s traditional double doors and installed a regular room door on the other side. He then hired a septic tank company to transport the container to his freshly dug hole.
Shipping containerThe company lowered the container perfectly into place.
Lowering the containerWayne then installed a Sump Pump to ensure no water collected around the structure.
Sump PumpStairs were then built down to the entrance.
StairsWayne then built frames on top of the container in order to support a concrete roof.
Metal frames of roof.Then he laid sheets of heavy corrugated metal across the top of the hole and installed air vents.
Metal SheetsAfter all that, it was time to pour the concrete.
Pouring concreteThen the hole was filled. Wayne even made sure there was enough dirt to allow grass and plants to grow over the top of the container. When he was done, the only thing visible was the opening for the stairs that lead to the door of the container.
Filling the holeFinally, Wayne had built his own underground wine cellar!
Underground wine cellarHere’s the full video so you can watch the entire process!