One of our life goals is to have enough space to have our own home bar – alas New York City living doesn’t readily allow for that – but if we did have the space, we’re pretty certain we’d want a bar like the one build by a redditor who goes by the name “the passion of the Chris.” Mr. Passion of the Chris was somehow able to convince his entire family to save the caps from every beer they drank over a 5+ year period and then he used those caps to build a home bar. As you’ll see from the images below, it was clearly worth it. Here’s a step by step image guide of how he built it!

First Chris collected all his bottle caps from family and sorted them by color.

sorting bottlecaps to make a bottle cap bar

There’s nothing like a bit of good old-fashioned child labor for completing tedious tasks!

All caps sorted by color to make a bottle cap bar

Finally after a few days, all the caps were sorted by color.

Chris then build the bar and painted it black.

Bottle cap bar installed

When the paint was dry, he installed it in his new bar area.

Laying our the bottle caps for the bottle cap bar

Then came the tedious task of laying out all the caps. Beer clearly helped.

More Caps

More Caps. Laying them out to get the pattern right took several attempts.

Funny bottle cap message

If there was a funny message inside the cap, they interspersed them throughout the bar.

sealing the caps

When the pattern was done, it was time to seal the caps with Epoxy.

Using a drier to ensure no bubbles in the bar

A hand dryer was then necessary to ensure the epoxy didn’t dry with bubbles.


The Idea with the pattern was for the colors to “flow” into each other.

Finished bottle cap bar

It took a lot of work, but we think you’ll agree, the results are pretty cool.