You’ve probably wondered what it would be like to have an unlimited supply of beer for life. Now one brewery is capitalizing on the sudsy fantasy. In an effort to fund a new $14 million taproom, Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co. is asking for investments of at least $1,000. In return, a $1,000 investor will receive a contributor plaque on the wall of the new taproom, dollar beers on their birthday, and one free beer daily from anything in the taproom for the rest of their life.

The Buffalo Bayou brewery, commonly known as Buffbrew, has received a growing demand for a taproom at the brewery and they’d like to be able to oblige. The new Buffbrew taproom will feature two bars, a full-service kitchen, a VIP room, and an event space for larger get-togethers. The primary taproom will be on the second floor, featuring plate glass windows for observing the brewery in action on one side, and opposing windows on the other side offering great views of downtown Houston and the skyline. Most importantly, the large space will serve 40 beers on tap.

Buffbrew has brewed 70 different beers, and is the largest self-distributing brewery in Houston. Buffbrew has outgrown its old space, and its new, larger location in Sawyer Yard will allow more space for brewing, experimentation, and its new taproom. The new space is expected to open by the end of 2018. Check out the investment page to see how larger investments come with even more bonuses.