These Cities Drink The Most Wine

New research conducted by France’s INSEEC business school reveals the cities that drink the most wine in the world, and it’s not that surprising. The results of the research were based on amount of bottles consumed in total by a given city, but also includes per capita, which means bottles per each person.

Paris sits on the top of the list with 697 million bottles of wine consumed over the year, translating into 69 bottles per person over the age of 15. That’s basically a glass of wine 5 nights a week, which makes sense, cause it’s France.

The Cities That Drink The Most Wine

Other cities however weren’t as high as one might expect. Most would probably assume that London – especially following this Brexit vote, we feel your pain London – and New York would rank second and third, considering their bustling nature and robust nightlife. However, Buenos Aires and Ruhr, an industrial zone of Germany, take the second and third slot with 457 and 385 million bottles of wine drunk respectively. We get Buenos Aires – mmm Malbec – but Ruhr???

Also counter to what seemed likely, Paris was the only French city on the list. However, given Paris’ population density in relation to the rest of France, it’s understandable.

H/T Decanter