Beer And Whiskey Are Getting Married And Having A Family

Alcohol nerds almost always love beer and whiskey. Maybe not necessarily together since excessive mixing of the two could lead to a nasty hangover, but definitely on their own. And when you think about it that could be because the drinks have a good amount in common. Both have a sophisticated culture and history to explore and absorb, both have a wide range of flavor profiles that consistently entertain the drinkers palate day in and day out, and most importantly they both come from grain even though they end up at different destinations. In this sense, beer and whiskey are almost like opposite sides of the same coin.

However, Tim Obert and Clint Potter, owners of new craft brewery and whiskey distillery Seven Stills, don’t see the relationship between beer and whiskey so much as a coin as they do a spectrum. This spectrum places beer on the bottom and whiskey on the top, leaving everything in the middle as a mash-up of the two. Yeah, that’s right a mash-up: a fusion of beer and whiskey.

With their Seven Stills craft brewery and whiskey distillery, Obert and Potter are distilling whiskeys made from craft beers, first reported by Eater. This is not too shocking of a development since whiskey always begins its life as a beer, or at least a liquid that has beer-like qualities such as malted grain and a lot of water. That mixture goes on to be distilled and concentrated and put into a barrel to be aged, resulting in the final product of whiskey.

But what is revolutionary about Seven Stills is that it houses homemade craft beers and whiskeys distilled from them, allowing customers to taste around and explore the aforementioned beer-whiskey spectrum. This means that a customer can taste the Seven Stills’ double IPA beer while they taste its double IPA whiskey, which according to Obert tastes like an extremely concentrated IPA. Hopefully this is blowing your mind, as it is ours.

Shockingly however, Seven Stills has more up its sleeves. It’s already transformed the whiskey end of the spectrum by making it beer infused. On the other end, you guessed it: whiskey infused beer. They’re calling this creation “beerception”, obviously playing on the mind-bending film where the viewer never knows if Leonardo DiCaprio is in real life, a dream, or a dream within a dream. This beer is similarly mind-bending in that it’s Seven Stills’ own craft beer, barrel aged in empty barrels of whiskey distilled from that exact beer. This may be confusing at first, so let this concept soak in for a second.

Insane right? Well, we certainly think so and are excited to see future Seven Stills innovations. Not all of these Seven Stills Brewery and Distillery’s creations have come to fruition yet, most notably the absolutely nuts “beerception”, but that will all come very soon.