When you hear your Champagne cork pop, you'll think it tastes better

How satisfying is it when you pop open a bottle of Champagne and the cork shoots to the ceiling? And how equally disappointing is it when your cork duds out on you? Well, there may be a bit of science behind your emotions.

According to a new study in Flavourjournal, “the fizz of the carbonation in the glass – plays an important role in our multisensory perception of flavor, not to mention in our enjoyment of the overall multisensory experience of…drinking.”

A popping noise makes you think your Champagne tastes better

When you think about it, it makes sense. Most of us prefer bubbly Champagne to a bottle that’s gone flat, and until we sip the drink, we rely on “sounds of effervescence” to signify how carbonated something is. If you make the bubbles in a drink pop more, people will think said drink is more fizzy, and thus more enjoyable.

The facts are simple, but kind of marvelous. If only for a brief moment, we can trick ourselves into thinking a beverage is of better quality just by listening to a poppin’ (pun intended) soundtrack.

Hearing your Champagne cork pop makes you think it tastes better

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