If you love wine and you miss playing The Sims, today is your lucky day. General Interactive Co., based in Singapore and the U.K., released a game called Terroir: A Wine Making Tycoon Game today. Now anyone can build her own virtual vineyard and wine estate without any of the capital or manual labor required in the real world.

According to General Interactive Co., Terroir is a game that puts the player in control of their own estate. Players grow different varieties of grapes, manage the vineyard, craft wine, oversee the business, and manage the estate. The game offers a variety of features that are characteristic of actual wine making. Players can choose from a variety of grapes to make anything from a bold red to a crisp white, and make the wine through crushing, fermentation, pressing, and aging. Adding to the reality, players also have to contend with the weather, which is based off of Bordeaux’s actual weather patterns.

Users start off by planting one tile, and can expand their vineyard up to 33 tiles from a variety of six different tile types. The game guidelines advise players to consider the fact that different tile types can affect the tiles around it, so placement is crucial. Other features include Chance and Circumstance, reminiscent of Monopoly’s Chance and Community cards. Players open a mystery box that offers either a Chance card or a Circumstance card. Chance cards have either positive or negative results while Circumstance cards challenge a player to a mission to complete.

The game seems to be a perfect storm of The Sims, Farmville, and Monopoly, and stokes the nostalgia of those who played similar games like Zoo Tycoon and Civilization. Success in the game depends on players taking care of their vineyard, learning how to adapt to the environment, and trial and error. The game sells for only $14.99, and its resemblance to the reality of winemaking could inspire future generations.

h/tThe Drinks Business