If you’re an extremely experienced pub manager and looking for a new gig, this one might be for you. The job listing? It’s unlike any other, with quite the intimidating manager.

Queen Elizabeth is seeking a tenant for her Norfolk property on the Sandringham Estate. The space — built around 1900 and comprising a total area of over 4,000 square feet — is intended to become a “destination public house,” according to the Landles estate agency’s website.

Previously, the Edwardian property housed a social club among its various meeting rooms, bar, game room, and conservatory. However, the club shuttered in 2020, leaving the space open for new opportunities.

If this sounds like an excellent deal, it might be a good idea to read the fine print before applying for the royal role. The ideal property operator steps into a 20-year contract, with rent stepping up yearly over the first 10 years. They’ll work closely with the property landlord, which includes submitting written plans, meeting regularly, and covering all of the landlord’s legal costs associated with the deal.

Interested (and ambitious) property managers can request a tour through Landles’ website and later complete a Tenant Application Form, as required for the position. A resume demonstrating an extensive history in the industry, plan for community engagement, and strong financial references are all required.

The Royal Sandringham Estate already attracts upwards of 500,000 visitors annually, according to a brochure on the property’s website. With a new public house in the royal portfolio, one could only imagine that number increasing.