The holiday season is fast approaching and — for better or worse — that means the usual playlist of festive songs is set to take over radio stations and jukeboxes across the country.

With that in mind, a bar in Texas has gone viral after sharing a stark message to its clientele: Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” will not be played on the bar’s jukebox until the start of December. And from then on, plays will be limited to once per day.

Giving fair notice to would-be holiday revelers, Dallas’ Stoneleigh P bar announced the policy with a poster attached to its jukebox. What started as an inside joke made waves online when a reporter came across the sign and posted it to Twitter.

Staff at the Dallas bar assured reporters that they don’t have any vendetta against Carey, it’s just overplayed every year.

“It’s been put up three years now, maybe four,” Laura Garrison, Stoneleigh P’s general manager, told the Washington Post. “[E]very holiday season we hear the song so much when you get alcohol involved.”

With all the attention the poster attracted online, the news eventually reached Mariah herself. So how did the Queen of Christmas respond? Ready to fight, of course.

Playing into the joke, Carey posted a photo of herself to Twitter in battle armor (all in good fun, of course).