Last November, after a two-year wait, Tesla Tequila sold out in one day. Those who managed to buy a bottle paid $250 for the añejo, while others were forced to try their luck on eBay. Used, empty bottles soon sold for thousands of dollars online, creating an exciting market for collectors.

Now, a new wave of lookalike bottles are being sold by Train Winery, according to The Drinks Business. The winery was established in 2012 and is based in China, in the Shaanxi province. Its bottles bear an uncanny resemblance to Tesla Tequila, but the winery insists they were inspired by an antique exhibit in the Shaanxi History Museum.

Before Train Winery became involved, the bottles were sold by Wuma Xiangyin on the popular Chinese e-commerce platform As they became more popular Wuma Xiangyin tapped Train Winery to fill the bottles with its brandy, icewine, and rosé.

In China, the 7-year-old brandy retails for about $261 — a slightly higher price tag than the original Tesla Tequila — while the icewine is selling for about $155. But more than what’s inside, it’s surely the bottle that’s commanding these prices.