Boozy train rides are taking the nation by storm.

The latest from the Napa Valley Wine Train, which hosts a series of on-board drinking excursions from wine to beer to tequilas, just announced a new departure: a Día de los Muertos-themed ride planned to celebrate the Mexican holiday.

The tequila-fueled excursion will leave McKinstry Street Station on Thursday, November 1, kicking off with a signature Tequila Casa Dragones cocktail. The three-hour journey will also feature a four-course meal, packed with authentic Mexican dishes. Passengers can even sip a ceremonial tequila shot at the train’s “Day of the Dead Altar.”

Not a fan of tequila? Napa Valley Wine Train is also hosting a Spirit Train on Saturday, October 27. Another Día de los Muertos celebration, the Spirit Train will feature wine and spirits, a list of fancy appetizers, and Día de los Muertos face painting.

Tickets start at $160 for the Spirit Train, and $295 for the Tequila Train. You might want to book quick, though. Any excuse to have a few drinks on board a scenic ride is a valid one, and we wouldn’t want you missing the train on this one.