Rain can be a downer. Tequila rain, however, sounds like pure bliss.

The Mexico Tourism Board sponsored a tequila rain cloud in a Berlin art museum that spits out real tequila rain on command. The goal is to get people to book a trip from cloudy and cold Germany to the warmth of Mexico. Considering the tequila cloud rained every time that it rained in Berlin, there were probably more than a few minds changed.

The cloud is a tequila-based mist held inside a cloud-shaped plastic container. The creative company that created the cloud, Lapiz, used ultrasonic humidifiers to vibrate the tequila into a mist, AdWeek reports. Then it was condensed back into liquid and fell as rain.

“Real tequila was turned into gas to create a floating cloud that rains tequila on command,” the exhibit description states. “Tequila you can drink for FREE. So forget your umbrella, rain boots, and coat and come by Urban Spree to unwind and add some happy to your winter.”

There’s also, of course, a unique hashtag: #TequilaCloud.

The exhibit is over, yet the concept of a real life, adult version of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is simply too good to be gone forever. Until the liquor clouds return, however, tequila in a bottle will have to suffice.