While vodka shots might have once been the go-to at dance clubs, tequila now reigns as nightlife’s hottest spirit. Emerging data points to the spirit’s tremendous on-premise presence this year.

Tequila consumption at clubs grew exponentially in 2022, according to a Dec. 8 report by CGA. In some markets, sales volume of the agave-based spirit soared by over 100 percent year-over-year, replacing vodka as the top spirit.

The report isolated data to on-premise drinks at nightclubs in three top markets: Miami, Los Angeles, and New York City. While whiskey holds the national title for most popular on-premise spirit in general, tequila grabbed the top share for nightlife this year. Blanco tequila proves especially popular, as nightclub locations in Los Angeles reported a striking 127 percent increase in volume compared to last year.

In addition to shifting spirit categories, consumers are developing a greater taste for top-shelf alcohol. In the past year, ultra premium spirits experienced the highest growth in volume across quality categories, with super premium trailing behind. In New York City nightclubs, sales volume of super premium and ultra premium spirits increased by a whopping 56 and 103 percent year-over-year, respectively.

“CGA’s previous research into late-night and high-tempo occasion highlighted the opportunity for spirits suppliers, with our latest OPM research only reinforcing that not only are spirits a key category within the nightclub channel, but that consumers are also increasingly interested in more premium options with the spirits category — particularly within tequila and vodka,” CGA North America regional director Matthew Crompton states in the release.

If premium tequila is your thing, join the club.

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