Botanical gins are known for their refreshing, green aromas — and now, you can wear those notes as you sip them.

The team at Tamworth Distilling just launched an edible gin-based fragrance that can also be spritzed over cocktails as a garnish. The Tamworth Garden Sylvan Mist is a 75.5 percent ABV gin that also functions as a classic floral fragrance, according to a press release from the brand. The project took two years to complete, as the development team strived to design a liquid that tastes as pleasant as it smells.

“Here at Tamworth, the stories we tell are the spirits we create,” says owner Steven Grasse in the release. “We have gained quite a reputation for the bold experimentation of the whiskies within our House of Tamworth line, so we applied this same sense of wonder to our world of gins.”

While it is completely edible, the brand says that the gin is created in a similar style as more traditional perfumes. It carries aromas such as raspberry, apricot, violet, and yellow freesia, and its high alcohol content yields a bold and concentrated scent.

On the palate, the gin contains flavors of honeydew, boreal forest, fresh cut grass, violets, and kiwi skin. Fragrance aficionados might be familiar with the scents of boronia and violet leaf, which are common notes in floral perfumes.

“We’re telling the story of our local flora in the form of the most floral spirit possible: gin. Sylvan Mist sings the song of the flowers and the forest as both a gin mist and perfume,” Grasse says. “It’s an unfolding bouquet.”

The liquid is packaged in a luxe 100-milliliter glass bottle, accompanied by a golden atomizer pump adorned with a tassel. Metallic details on the bottle add to the opulent feel of the product, which is housed in a teal blue box.

The perfume is currently available for pre-order online, with initial orders shipping on May 12. It retails for $80.

Happy spritzing!