What better way to pay your respects to St. Patrick than having a nice glass of Irish whiskey? Jameson believes we should go one further, and that Paddy’s Day is a holiday that warrants vacation time. That’s why the brand is awarding 1,000 fans $50 each to incentivize them to take “SPTO” (St. Patrick’s Time Off.) By pledging to take the day off work via an online form on the Jameson website, participants’ names will be entered for a chance to win the prize. Winners will be announced on March 8.

According to a Jameson press release, the sweepstakes follow the widespread canceling of St. Patrick’s Day last year, when newly imposed social distancing guidelines necessitated the calling off of celebrations for the “first time in 250 years.”

The Jameson press release notes that “we need the spirit and camaraderie of the holiday now more than ever,” and the whiskey brand has pledged to donate an additional $50 for each winner of the sweepstakes to the Restaurant Workers Community Foundation, supplementing its original $150,000 donation.

As if getting paid to take off work and sip whiskey wasn’t enticing enough, Jameson hired comedians Retta Sirleaf (Parks and Rec, Good Girls) and Joe Lo Truglio (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) to encourage fans to participate through a PSA. Rest assured — there’s no need to convince us.