Forget finding a date, Patrón is making it possible to purchase its tequila with a simple swipe, becoming the first liquor brand to sell its products via Instagram.

Working with MikMak, a social video commerce agency, Patrón’s products can now be purchased by swiping up on its Instagram story ads. Customers will be asked their age upon checkout and are required to provide ID once the product is delivered.

The move is the first step in the brand’s ambitious new e-commerce goals, hoping to make 20-percent of its business online by 2030. It’s also another example of how Instagram is quickly becoming a popular platform for shopping.

Adrian Parker, Patrón’s global vice president of marketing, told Adweek: “For us, it’s really about using modern tech to tell a handcrafted story. We’re a tequila company and not a technology company. This is just the beginning, one little step into the future [of] how you’ll engage with spirit brands.”

Products purchased via Patrón’s Instagram Stories will be available for delivery in 48 states, so be sure to stock up on limes.