Green Bourbon is coming to a liquor store near you, though not the green you might initially think. Bulleit Distilling Co. has recently opened a 300 acre, $115 million dollar facility in Shelby County. The distillery sets itself apart from many of the other big name facilities in North America, thanks to its use of solar energy.

As Insider Louisville reports, forklifts are powered by a solar array that produces 40 megawatt hours per year, which is capable of entering the county’s power grid. And the sustainable qualities of the distillery don’t just stop at the solar array. Both local water and local corn from Shelby County are used in the distillation processes at the facility.

Bulleit’s new facility can produce “up to 1.8 million proof gallons of bourbon a year” and employs thirty full-time employees. Bulleit is owned by Diageo (full disclosure: Diageo is a VinePair investor). This is the first distillery of its kind for Diageo’s North American facilities.