The Roy family was never afraid to get nasty, and it doesn’t get nastier than this.

We were always expecting cruelty from the series finale of “Succession,” which finally aired Sunday night, but one of the HBO drama’s gnarliest scenes also ended up being the most heartwarming. Upon their (spoiler alert: doomed) late-night pact to crown Kendall (Jeremy Strong) as Waystar Royco’s CEO, Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Roman (Kieran Culkin) took to their mother’s fridge to concoct a meal “fit for a king.” This turned out to be a gag-inducing condiment milkshake, which Strong — ever the method actor — actually drank during filming.

“We only did it a few times, and I went outside and retched,” Strong recalled during the May 28 episode of HBO’s Succession Podcast. “I jumped in the ocean and washed it off my hair. But yeah, I did drink it.”

In the scene, a smorgasbord of salad dressings, fancy cheese, Heinz Baked Beans, and lunch meat can be seen on the countertop. The ingredients we do know made it into the blender include milk, jarred pickle relish, frozen bread, Tabasco sauce, cocoa powder, Shiv’s spit, and two raw eggs — shells and all.

Branston, the brand of relish used in the smoothie, took notice of the cameo and posted its own version of the “recipe” to its TikTok account.


Weve been kind enough to give you the recipe at the end of fhe video – just in case you wanted to recreate the meal thats fit for a king #succession #successionedit #successionfinale #successiontok

♬ scott street – ༺☆༻

“I wouldn’t know how not to drink it,” Strong explained on the podcast, noting his character’s insatiable hunger for the top spot. “He wants it that badly that he’s gonna drink whatever that is, right? But it was disgusting.”