Coffee drinkers are waking up to good news, with a series of research studies indicating that compounds in the classic morning beverage are beneficial for liver health.

A newly published UK Biobank study presented in the peer-reviewed journal BMC Public Health reveals that coffee — caffeine or decaf, instant or ground — is protective against chronic liver disease (CLD) and cirrhosis, with ground offering the most impact.

According to the report, coffee drinkers had a 49 percent reduced risk of death from CLD. The best results were achieved by consuming 3-4 cups a day.

These findings corroborate and support the research conducted by the American Institute for Cancer Research. The AICR found probable evidence that phytochemicals in coffee reduced the occurrence of endometrial and liver cancers.

The incidence of liver disease is becoming more prevalent, and the National Institute of Health documents approximately 2 million deaths worldwide per year as a result. As the body of evidence suggesting that coffee is beneficial to overall health continues to grow, doctors and coffee-lovers alike now have more options to combat cancer and cirrhosis.

Whether brewed at home or ordered at a favorite coffee shop, java fans have even more reason to enjoy a few cups while starting the day.