A recent study revealed that those who abstain from alcohol are at greater risk for dementia. The study, conducted by researchers at University College London and French institute for health, Inserm, and published in the British Medical Journal, followed 9,087 participants for 23 years on average.

Among study participants, 397 developed dementia. The amount of risk depended on when study participants abstained from alcohol. According to the Independent, long-term abstainers were the most at risk (67 percent), compared to those who were abstinent in midlife (45 percent).

Abstainers also showed increased risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease, pointing towards alcohol’s ability to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

Those who consumed alcohol excessively also faced an increased risk (40 percent).

The sweet spot, it seems, is drinking between 1 and 14 units of alcohol per week, or between about one and eight glasses of wine per week, Time reports.  After the 14 unit mark, risk increases incrementally (the more excess booze, the more risk).

Well, here’s to another sip of science. Keep drinking moderately, everyone. We’re doing great.