Stroh’s Beer is returning to taps in its home city of Detroit, after disappearing from local draft some 20 years ago. The brand’s “return to classic” initiative also includes a re-launch of a classic can design from 1987, as Detroit Free Press reports.

The vintage look — with a royal blue label, gold lettering, and a regal lion logo — will grace both the brand’s bottles and cans sold nationwide. The 4.5-percent ABV classic lager, as well as accompanying Stroh’s Light lager, is available in 12-ounce bottles and cans. Half-barrel kegs of the classic lager will also be available for retail sale in the midwest United States.

The Detroit-based beer brand is one of the oldest in the country that’s still operational, with its early roots dating back to 1850. It’s also, notably, a brewer that survived Prohibition, as Stroh’s brewing facilities shifted to produce ice cream instead. In fact, Stroh’s Ice Cream, still available today and distributed by Dean Foods, speaks to the longevity of the classic lager brand. Until the mid-1980s, Stroh’s also owned a brewery in Detroit.

Pabst Brewing has run the previously family-owned company since 1999, and it brews this Stroh’s lager at its Milwaukee production location. Now, distribution is mainly concentrated in Michigan and the midwest.

Alongside the vintage logo launch, Stroh’s dropped throwback merch on its website. T-shirts, branded Koozies, and other accessories are available for a limited time for online sales.

Stroh’s is asking beer enthusiasts to turn back the clock this summer — no time machine required.