If you’re gearing up to drink green beer on March 17, you’re definitely not alone.

Some 44 percent of consumers in the United States plan to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, according to a new survey from data and tech research firm Numerator.

This year’s answers indicate a significant jump from last year’s results, in which 30 percent of consumers planned to celebrate.

Of those who plan to commemorate the day this year, 28 percent plan to party with friends and family, while an additional 27 percent intend to dine out or visit a pub or bar. 21 percent will toast with macrolagers like Corona Extra, Heineken, and Red Stripe.

36 percent of all celebrators are choosing an alcoholic beverage to complement their plans — with 70 percent choosing beer, 34 percent purchasing spirits, and 29 percent sipping wine. Half of the respondents that indicated they’re drinking beer are choosing American lagers (Budweiser, Coors Original, Miller High Life) while 31 percent are going the more traditional route with stouts (Guinness and Imperial).

For those celebrating from home, that holiday beer run is key.

Some 42 percent of those celebrating plan to buy supplies for St. Patrick’s Day at a grocery store, while 29 percent will head to a large retailer and 19 percent will buy beverages at a liquor shop. Tech-savvy Gen Z and millennial consumers are twice as likely to opt for convenience (such as purchasing from a gas station or through delivery apps).

The poll, conducted in January 2023, includes opinions from 1,598 consumers from the United States. It’s a subset of a larger Numerator consumer survey gauging consumer sentiment surrounding purchases for 14 major U.S. holidays.