Gik Live!, the Spanish startup that introduced drinkers to the world’s first blue wine, has released a new product that promises to be just as polarizing as its cobalt-colored bottling: a pinker than pink, glittery rosé.

As if concocted using a Venn diagram of 2018’s most viral trends, Gik’s latest release claims is “made with real unicorn tears in an undisclosed location.” According to Gik’s website, Unicorn Tears is the “pinkest rosé” on the market, with a rose-colored hue that’s “so magical that it’s hard to believe it’s natural – but it is!”

Crucially, however, the Spanish startup stops short of divulging whether the “natural” coloring is obtained during the winemaking process, or if it’s created using pigment from grape skins in a cloak and dagger process, similar to its blue wine. (Photos of the bottle have us leaning towards the latter.)

Photo Credit: Gik Live!

Gik offers little further technical information about the wine, apart from that it contains 12 percent ABV, and that three bottles currently retail for €39 ($44).

Fancy capturing a unicorn for yourself? Unfortunately, much like the company’s blue wine initial release, Unicorn tears is currently only available to European drinkers. If it takes off like its first bottling, though — and we have a sneaking suspicion it might — perhaps we’ll see Unicorn Tears stateside within a year or two. For now, it’s fantasy.