Some holidays are best celebrated in a pair of sweatpants. Whether they’re enjoying a heavy meal or kicking back at a casual family gathering, Southern Comfort’s latest innovation has revelers’ comfort covered.

The brand’s unisex Drinking Pants include a dedicated shot glass pocket, adjustable drawstring, and a SoCo decal on the front, according to a Nov. 7 press release. The phrase “Drinking Pants” is displayed across the back — a “tasteful” callback to those Juicy Couture tracksuits of the early aughts.

“The pandemic changed nearly everything about daily life, including making comfy-casual attire not only acceptable — but tasteful, too,” Sazerac vice president of global marketing Sara Saunders states in the release. “Southern Comfort wants to lead the way on tasteful choices so we conducted a host of detailed market research and that led us to an important conclusion: Pants today are missing a few crucial elements that would improve lives everywhere, a key one being a shot glass pocket.”

Southern Comfort's new Drinking Pants include a dedicated shot glass pocket.
Credit: Southern Comfort

The pants come complete with a teeny pocket holds a standard shot glass for holiday imbibing. For more formal holiday soirées, the trousers transform into “fancy pants” with a reversible all-black option.

“With pants, I feel like you’re always having to make choices — are they fancy enough to pass grandma’s strict dress code, are they comfortable, can they easily fit and carry your SoCo? It’s like pants makers never considered we want it all. Drinking Pants get me,” Brad B., a so-called “semi-pro pants-wearer” from Charlotte, N.C., states in the release.

Eager to snatch a pair of your own? The lounge pants sold out within two hours on Nov. 14 before being restocked, according to a brand representative. Limited quantities will be available through Nov. 21 for $11.23 on Southern Comfort’s retail website. Each order includes a Southern Comfort-branded shot glass, too.

For those not quick enough to order from the brand’s website, Southern Comfort is gifting a pair to one random winner and a friend. The Instagram promotion runs through Nov. 17, with more details available on the platform.

These sweatpants were made for last-minute Thanksgiving Day grocery runs.