Last Thursday, Rosa Fond was out for a walk with her dogs in Brooksville, Fla. when she noticed something unusual by the roadside: a beer can with a snake slithering out of it, which appeared to be stuck. Fond came to the snake’s rescue — but not before she hit “record.”

In the below video, Fond is seen holding the snake’s slithering body back with a stick as she shrieks and apologizes, gently yet frantically attempting to pull the can from the head of the snake, which Times Live identifies as a non-venomous black racer common to the region.

Fond eventually frees the snake from the can — a tallboy of Bud Light — and both woman and reptile are relieved.

“I saved the snake. There she is, and I’m done,” Fond says in the video. Watch it here:

Interestingly, the black racer wasn’t the only critter rescued from a Bud Light can last week. On Friday, animal control in Billerica, Mass. rescued a skunk whose head was also caught in a Bud Light can.

Silly, silly.