Skrewball Whiskey is shaking up the canned RTD cocktail scene with their newest product launching this summer.

The brand, known for its iconic peanut butter whiskey, is introducing 100-mL cans for consumers who prefer to drink the spirit neat. Each mini can — approximately 3.38 ounces — contains two servings of the brand’s signature whiskey.

Contrary to the canned cocktail craze that’s currently circulating the industry, this canned creation won’t include a mixer, and features the peanut butter whiskey, straight. There won’t be any changes to the recipe or flavor of the cocktail; only the canned format will be different, offering drinkers an easier way to enjoy Skrewball. This is the first time the company’s strayed from bottled offerings, which includes 750mL to 1L glass bottles.

In a press release, the brand states they hope to bring the portable concept of canned premium drinks to consumers who might not otherwise hop on the trend.

“Industry trends continue to indicate that consumers are gravitating towards portable canned options, and we want to offer Skrewball Whiskey’s premium taste and versatility to our community in an offering that meets their needs and consumption occasions,” Skrewball Whiskey president Carl Carlson writes in the press release.

The 100mL Skrewball Whiskey cans will be sold individually in California, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and Tennessee. The peanut butter whiskey will be available nationwide later this summer, perfect for bringing to the next the backyard soiree or happy hour get together.