Simply Lemonade is throwing a birthday bash that’s unlike any other — themed party keg included.

To celebrate the beverage brand’s 21st anniversary, Simply Spiked Lemonade dropped a line of merch items on Tuesday. Dubbed the “Juicy 21st Birthday Collection,” lemonade lovers can choose from seven limited-edition items.

Among these sweet offerings is a large lemon-shaped keg, citrus-print bucket hat, and speaker to only play “100% certified bops.” Fans can also purchase an entire lemon-themed outfit, complete with black branded hoodie and sweat shorts.

Only 21 of the kegs will be available for purchase for $21 on Simply Spiked’s website; seven will drop this Tuesday, seven on Wednesday, and the final seven on Thursday. Each release will start at 1 p.m. ET, and proceeds will benefit The Lonely Entrepreneur’s Black Entrepreneur Initiative.

One thing that may leave a slightly sour taste: the keg does not include any Simply Spiked drinks, and it won’t ship until fall 2022, either. So don’t count on this for your own party any time soon.