Looking to fulfill that dream of owning a piece of land deep in Sicily’s wine country? The charming town of Bivona is the latest Italian village selling historic properties for $1 each.

Situated in the heart of southern Sicily, around an hour’s drive from the vineyards of the Sciacca DOC and the Contessa Entellina DOC, Bivona is selling houses to anyone interested in taking on a fixer-upper. You’ll need to commit at least $2,750 as a deposit, but will have a four year period (longer than competing towns with similar $1 deals) to start renovations, making the deal even sweeter.

Many of the homes being offered are 18th-century former farmer- and shepherd-dwellings, with charming features such as panoramic terraces, wooden doors, tiled roofs, and thick stone walls.

For those brave enough to bet on their dream, the buildings can be used for whatever the buyer prefers — a home, hotel, restaurant, B&B, or shop, with tax incentives for those who decide to stay and live in the village.

Angela Cannizzaro, Bivona’s culture councilor hopes the offer will help return the town to its 16th-century grandeur, when Bivona was a flourishing Renaissance duchy. “Despite so many empty buildings, Bivona’s old center is still vibrant, packed with history and very welcoming,” Cannizzaro told CNN. “We need to breathe new life into it.”

She added: “In the last 40 years, our population has halved. Today we’re down to just 3,800 residents.”

Whether you’re a serious investor or just window shopping, you can browse the houses for sale on Bivona’s website.