If you’ve never enjoyed the simple, time-saving pleasure of a shower beer, you’re missing out. It’s a great way to optimize your pre-party routine, or even take your nightly grooming ritual to the next level.

PSA: Shower beers have existed for a long time. Craft brewers in the U.S. have been onto this for years: Champion Brewing, of Charlottesville, Va. released its Shower Beer, a Czech-style pilsner, in 2014; Kent Falls Brewing, of Kent Falls, Conn. released its version of a shower beer, Lime Zest Gose (originally called Shower Beer, but dropping the name due to trademarking issues), in 2015; and Yonkers Brewing of Yonkers, N.Y. released Shower Time Pale Ale in 2016.

Putting a new spin on the trend, Snask, a creative agency, teamed up with Swedish brewer, PangPang (for which it designed these snazzy beer labels), in 2017. It caught our attention then, and it’s still trending today.

Also called Shower Beer and also a pale ale, Snask’s and PangPang’s version has a couple of key differences: While American brewers unanimously agreed that the best shower beer is one that’s sessionable and light, PangPang brewed up a pale ale at an alarmingly steep 10 percent ABV, and put it in a tiny bottle. The quick sip packs a punch, and can alternatively be used as hair conditioner.