Shiner Beer has announced its first-ever non-alcoholic (NA) series: Shiner Rode0. The first release in the series, Shiner Rode0 Golden Brew, is expected to hit shelves in time for Dry January.

Sales of NA beer increased in Texas — where Shiner Beer is brewed at Spoetzl Brewery in its namesake town — by over 17 percent over 2023, while they increased by 23 percent across the U.S. as a whole in the same time period. According to a Monday press release, this booming trend inspired the brand to enter the NA beer category and develop a full-line of craft offerings.

“Fans of Shiner have consistently requested non-alcoholic options to complement our more traditional beers,” said Tom Fiorenzi, director of brewery & distillery operations in the release. “We’re proud to introduce the first of three non-alcoholic brews to our fans. Brewed using the same method as our iconic Shiner beers, the Rode0 line is authentically Shiner, without the addition of alcohol.”

The brand’s flagship NA release is styled after a classic American lager and contains less than 0.5 percent alcohol. According to the brand, Shiner Rode0 Golden Brew delivers crisp malt notes balanced by esters and hops for a flavor profile that doesn’t sacrifice the taste and aromas of the brewery’s already-beloved alcoholic offerings.

Next year, the Shiner Rode0 series will be rounded out with the addition of a red amber ale and a citrus-flavored wheat brew, each of which will be available in stand-alone cases as well as a variety pack containing all three beers.