Few things are more exciting than the anticipation before Shark Week. The annual Discovery Channel special starts airing on July 28, 2019.

Adding to the anticipation of this cultural phenomenon, Breckenridge Brewery of Littleton, CO is releasing a shark-inspired beer you can sip while watching your shark-related programming. Called “Cherry JAW-some,” the cherry lime-aid-flavored sour beer has an ominous red hue (from cherries, not blood) and a salty flavor that’ll remind you of the scariest moments in Jaws.

And buying this beer to gulp while you binge all things sharks won’t only get you in a sharky mood, you’ll be supporting marine life, too. One dollar from the sale of each Cherry JAW-some will be donated to Project AWARE, a nonprofit working to conserve marine life.

Today’s catch: The beer will only be available at the Breckenridge Brewpub in Breckenridge, CO and at the Farmhouse in Littleton, an Anheuser-Busch spokesperson tells VinePair.