Due to mandated social distancing, alcohol delivery sales have surged in recent weeks. And while a shipment of beer is always cause for celebration, one Virginia brewery has decided to add a whimsical spin to its orders — delivery via “shark.”

On March 24, Ashburn’s Old Ox Brewery announced on Facebook its mission to deliver “joy, awesomeness, and beer” to its homebound customers. Combining its three goals, Old Ox is offering drinkers the opportunity to receive deliveries from a smiling blue shark — more specifically, “Left Shark,” the breakout star of Katy Perry’s 2015 Super Bowl halftime show.

Photo: Old Ox Brewery / Facebook

On its delivery page, Old Ox is also offering other perks, such as shotgunning a beer with the owners via Google Hangouts, and the ability to name an upcoming Old Ox release.

For an additional $1,000, particularly generous customers will be given the opportunity to see owner Chris Burns’ “very, very embarrassing tattoo,” but they must first agree to never disclose any details about the tattoo to anyone… ever.

A selection of board games can also be added to orders and the brewery’s Facebook page promises “more awesomeness” to come in the following weeks.

A reminder to Old Ox patrons and anyone ordering alcohol to their homes right now: Delivery during a pandemic is risky for delivery personnel, who are often working overtime to meet the increase in demand, so be sure to tip your “shark” generously.