World's Oldest Twins

We’ve heard it before from others who’ve come close to breaking the record for longest lifespan: the secret to longevity is a glass of wine a day.

Pieter and Paulus Langerock, the world’s oldest living twin brothers, have lived together for most of their lives and barely leave each other’s side. They even share a room at their nursing home just outside Ghent, Belgium.

Paulus, switching between French, Dutch and the local Ghent dialect, told the U.K.’s Daily Mail: ‘There isn’t much advice I can give. Don’t waste your time fooling around, don’t eat too much and don’t run after women.”

Both brothers enjoy a glass of wine every day. “Get us a Bordeaux, but a good quality one,” Paulus tells his nurse at the Ter Venne retirement home into which they moved just three years ago.

The brothers never married, as each disapproved of the other’s potential life partner. Both claim not to mind, feeling companionship from each other.

The existing record of world’s oldest twins was set by American brothers Gale and Dale Moyer, who lived to be 105. That means the Langerock brothers have 3 years to break that record, and 1,100 glasses of wine each.

Header image courtesy of Daily Mail Video