Scottish beer company Tennent’s Lager yesterday toasted the arrival of President Donald Trump with a viral ad campaign offering U.K. customers “Tiny Cans for Tiny Hands.”

The advert, set to the backdrop of an out-of-focus American flag, depicts a disproportionately small hand reaching for a 330-ml (roughly 11-oz) limited-edition can of Tennent’s lager. Its release coincides with Trump’s contentious official visit to the British Isles, which began yesterday.

Eager to ensure there was no confusion about the owner of the “tiny” illustrated hand, the beer company addressed the President directly on Twitter, inviting him to try a can for himself.

Tennent’s also published its new offering on Facebook, announcing, “Very pleased to introduce our new 330-ml cans. Perfect timing for a certain high profile state visit to Scotland, as luck would have it … #GrabEmWhileYouCan.”

Less than two days in, Trump’s U.K. visit is causing a stir. London’s streets filled with protestors on Friday morning, who unveiled angry messages addressing the President’s policies and previous remarks, as well as an orange-hued 20-foot tall “Trump Baby” balloon.

Much like his petite hands, the President’s fondness for fast-food is widely publicized, and he famously prefers soft drinks to alcohol. Sorry, Tennent’s, but any can Trump grabs this weekend will likely be filled with soda. And here’s hoping that’s all that he grabs.