Scientists are creating a pill that will make wine less fatteningImagine enjoying glass after glass of wine without worrying about the ensuing calories. It seems like a magical dream come true, but the reality may not be a long ways off.

According to studies published in the Journal of Lipid research, Chinese scientists have been conducting an experiment that allows rats to convert alcohol into glycogen as opposed to fat. The experiment involved bolstering the PPP1r3G gene of each rat, which seemed to stop the increase of fat in their livers.

Chen Yan, the brave man who led this study, says, “Our findings shed new light on the issue of drinking. It can lead to the development of new medicines that can reduce the negative health effects of alcohol.”

He claims that these findings could swap the “dirty energy” found in fat into “clean energy.” The results of this research could potentially be captured in pill form. If that capture is possible, the pill would work not just for wine, but all types of alcohol – including beer and spirits. Imagine popping a couple pills before cracking open a cold one or mixing a cocktail. No more fear of adding pounds.

For now, the experiment is still just that: an experiment. But when the study moves to human trials, we’re pretty sure they won’t have a problem finding volunteers.

H/t South China Morning Post