There’s a certain elegant allure to cocktails and spirits. Whether it’s a drink served in a straight up glass or a dram of scotch, cocktails and hard liquor ooze sexiness. There’s also a degree of confidence that comes along with ordering a Martini up or bourbon neat. While society and culture promote some of these qualities, it turns out there may be some data behind feeling like a boss when you order a cocktail. That’s because new research suggests that cocktails and hard liquor actually make you feel sexy, confident, and energized.

The 2016 Global Drug Survey sent an anonymous online questionnaire in 11 different languages to 21 different countries to drinkers ages 18 to 34, and ended up receiving 29,836 responses. The study’s objective was to determine how peoples’ emotions are effected by beer, red and white wine, and hard liquor, and if these emotions had an effect on drink preferences in certain environments.

The results of the research indicated that cocktails and hard liquor made respondents feel the most sexy, confident, and energized when compared to beer and wine. When consuming hard liquor, 59 percent of respondents reported feeling confident, 58 percent felt energized, and 42 percent felt sexy.

These results make sense from a cultural and biological perspective. Sipping a Cosmopolitan out of a martini glass is definitely perceived as sexier than drinking a tallboy at a tailgate. Hard liquor also has a higher alcohol content than beer and wine and as we know, alcohol can lower one’s inhibitions, give one illusions a grandeur, and deliver a sense of euphoria. These chemical effects can be closely associated with feeling sexy, confident, and even energized. Just remember that these feeling can quickly go down hill when liquor is consumed in excess. If you have three Martinis instead of one, that sexy feeling might be replaced quickly with a feeling of nausea.