It’s true– our wildest dreams have come true. 3D printed cheese is now a thing and we can finally die happy. As Food & Wine reports, scientists at University College (Cork, Ireland) recently conducted a study to test the results of implementing the 3D printing process on processed cheese.

The test commenced by creating cheese using the printer and comparing it against its original state. The study’s co-author, Alan Kelly, confirmed that the study “started by trying lots of cheese types, but found processed cheese to work best.”

Food & Wine states that the first step in the experiment was melting down the processed cheese for 12 minutes at 167 degrees Fahrenheit, just enough to let it pass through the 3D printer. Various speeds were tested on the pushing of the cheese through the printer to see if speed had any effect on the final product.

At the end of the printing process, the printed cheese was compared to the original product. The 3D cheese was nearly 50% softer and minimally darker. Processed cheese not your thing? No worries– apparently the scientists are experimenting with various combinations of milk proteins to find out which other cheeses work best too.

Looks like 3D printed cheese is in our future!