As the current global pandemic stretches on, the phrase “good fences make good neighbors” has become increasingly untrue. Rather than fences and separation, people are looking for creative ways to break down social barriers while maintaining safe physical distancing.

One clever apartment complex in San Francisco has created the perfect solution by implementing what residents affectionately call the “Bucket Bar.” Members of the Hayes Valley Apartments have fashioned a drink-sharing system, using buckets on a set of pulleys to share cocktails during what has become a weekly happy hour.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the concept started out back in April, when resident Matthew Zavislak tried to catapult a rubber ball into a neighbor’s apartment and missed, hitting the window of another resident he didn’t know. The interaction sparked a conversation between strangers and escalated into the suggestion of a potential catapult competition.

As other bored and idle neighbors joined the conversation, suggestions for a distanced social event evolved. When Broxton, an avid rock-climber, offered his ropes and carabiners to the situation, the reality of the working Bucket Bar slowly took shape, with participants installing ropes between apartments to share alcoholic refreshments.

The rope system continued to adapt as additional neighbors joined in, passing drinks around and engaging in a much-needed community activity. Now, the Bucket Bar has become a consistent Saturday event, taking on different themes such as a rum-fueled pirate-themed happy hour.

How does the group minimize spreading germs? Apartment residents Connie and Brian McGrath passed out artisanal hand sanitizer to the residents, from Veer & Wander, the salon that Connie owns.

While a weekly catapult competition would have certainly been interesting, this clever happy hour concept seems like a much tastier way to spend quarantine.