Earlier in March, a Maryland dog became an unlikely hero, providing curbside wine deliveries during Covid-19 restrictions. That good boy isn’t the animal providing help (and booze) during this time of need. In Britain, one brewery has followed suit, introducing horse-drawn cart delivery.

According to The Guardian, Yorkshire’s Samuel Smith Brewery has deployed its shire horses to deliver beer to nearby neighborhoods, facilitating safe beer delivery and helping people stay home during shelter-in-place orders.

Credit: Samuel Smith’s Brewery / Facebook.com

The beautiful shire horses have been carting around beer for 15 years, but typically deliver Samuel Smith barrels to restaurants and pubs instead of residential homes.

Stable Manager Simon Crook explained that with initial delivery cancellations, he was looking for ways to keep the brewery horses fit and active; at-home delivery became the perfect solution. Now, Samuel Smith horses deliver not just beer but also wine and limited groceries, five days a week.

Sounds like there’s no horseplay here, just good old hospitality. (Or, horse-pitality!)