Greatest of all time, or most-hated of all time? The question arises among beer fans, and anyone outside the perimeters of Boston, as Boston Beer announces a limited-release beer in honor of Tom Brady in time for Super Bowl Sunday.

“Too Old, Too Slow, Still Here” is a “farmhouse” double New England IPA created to celebrate the Patriots quarterback, also known to fans as the “greatest of all time,” or “GOAT.” Indeed, the can depicts a male goat-headed football player on its label.

The beer will launch at an event at the Boston Brewery and Tap Room on Thursday, Jan. 31. Just 199 cans will be sold, the number signifying Brady’s draft number.

Samuel Adams selling a Tom Brady-inpsired beer sparks controversy among some beer nerds (and citizens in general). It combines two Boston legends, the New England Patriots/Tom Brady and Boston Beer/Jim Koch, that have recently received a hefty amount of negative attention.

Among the reasons to hate Tom Brady are:

  • Deflategate. In a detailed controversy that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, Brady was accused of deflating balls to win an AFC Championship against the Indianapolis Colts.
  • Cheating off the field. Brady left his pregnant girlfriend for now-wife, Gisele Bündchen. (Sidenote: In a 2010 interview with Vogue, the supermodel compared pregnant women with garbage disposals.)
  • The MAGA hat. In 2015, Brady refused to remove a MAGA hat from his locker. The reason? Trump sent it to him.
  • The strawberry. In 2016, Brady claimed he’d never eaten a strawberry, because it’s bad for you.  (He ate one two years later.)
  • Uggs.
  • He won’t stop winning the Super Bowl.

Boston Beer founder Jim Koch has similarly gotten flack from beer fans and industry members. In August 2018, he dined with Trump, and praised his tax cuts, calling them “kick ass.”  Since the 1980s, he’s shrewdly marketed Boston Beer, most of which is not brewed in Boston, and all of which has been called mediocre. And, there was that time he allegedly criticized a Boston beer bar so much for not carrying his brands, he made an employee cry.

Basically, we see this beer as a boon for Boston Patriots fans and a dumpster fire for anyone else watching.