Airports are strange places that make people do strange things. Perhaps it has something to do with the stress of traveling? Whatever the reason, something peculiar happens when we pass through that final X-Ray and step into the departure lounge.

Suddenly, it’s perfectly normal to pay $6 for bottled water, buy a magazine in an unknown language, or even sip that first drink of the day at 9:00 a.m.

That last part could soon change, if budget Irish airline Ryanair gets its way.

On Saturday morning, as reported by the Irish Times, an Ibiza-bound flight from Dublin was forced to make an unscheduled stop in Paris, after 20 disorderly passengers caused a “drink-fuelled disturbance.”

Upon arrival at Paris Beauvais, three passengers were removed and detained by French police.

Ryanair spokesman Robin Kiely said: “We will not tolerate unruly or disruptive behavior at any time and the safety and comfort of our customers, crew and aircraft is our number one priority.”

He added that the incident “is exactly why we are calling for significant changes to prohibit the sale of alcohol at airports, such as a two-drink limit per passenger and no alcohol sales before 10:00 a.m.”

Meanwhile, the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) hit back at the budget airline’s proposed pre-10:00 a.m. booze ban, calling it “highly draconian.”

Whatever the outcome, Ryanair notably stopped short of saying that it would stop selling alcohol on-board its early morning flights, claiming “very little alcohol is actually sold on board.”