A man in Russia – Chelyabinsk to be exact – is making news for installing a beer faucet in his apartment. Before you say, “Well anyone can buy a kegerator,” you should know that Andrey Yeremeev’s tap is connected via a pipe-line to the warehouse of a draught beer distributer on the ground floor of his building. Impressive? Absolutely — or as the Russian newscaster put it, this “keen beer fan has lived out the dream of all men – he has installed the first beer pipe-line straight into his own flat!”

Mr. Yeremeev put a lot of effort into the project, even going so far as getting approval from the local housing committee. In the end it was all worth it; friends come by to marvel at his beer faucet and stick around to have drinks. Mr. Yeremeev seems pleased: “I’m very glad that I’ve lived out my dream.”

P.S. – If Chelyabinsk sounds familiar, that’s because the city was struck by a meteor in 2013.