A new luxury whisky is marking an upcoming milestone for the British royal family.

Royal Salute just debuted a new Scotch whisky fit for a king — the soon-to-be King Charles the III, that is. The brand (part of Pernod Ricard’s portfolio) launched Royal Salute Coronation of King Charles III Edition this month, a rich blend of 53 unique malt and grain whiskies packaged in a regal navy decanter, per a press release from the brand.

Some 500 bottles of the Scotch will be available to consumers at a cool recommended price of $25,000.

According to the whisky’s tasting notes, drinkers can expect aromas of juicy redcurrants, dark chocolate praline, and freshly roasted chestnuts. On the palate, the whisky boasts flavors of sweet figs and fresh ginger, accompanied by a long finish of “playful” spice.

It’s no surprise that the packaging of the limited-edition whisky is an ode to the monarchy. The liquid is housed in a deep sapphire-tinted decanter (which mimics the hue of the precious stones on the Imperial State Crown) and is composed of Dartington Crystal. The decanter is enclosed in a box inspired by the views at Westminster Abbey, where King Charles’ coronation ceremony will take place.

“This expression is a momentous tribute to both the British Monarchy and Royal Salute’s unique origin story,” Royal Salute blending director Sandy Hyslop states. “Crafting this blend has been the perfect occasion to reflect on the innovative approach we’ve taken to blending whisky for the past 70 years, and a moment to look forward to what can be achieved in years to come.”

Royal Salute has historically honored important moments in the British Monarchy since its inaugural whisky was gifted to Queen Elizabeth II to celebrate her 1953 coronation. The brand boasts a portfolio of premium, high-priced Scotches with regal themes.

The coronation ceremony will take place on May 6 at Westminster Abbey.