Rosé season is upon us, and yet, many of us are just getting into our gin swing. Luckily, a U.K. wine and spirits producer has a hybrid for that.

Chapel Down, a vineyard and winery based in Tenterden, England with another location in London, announced the launch of its Pinot Noir Gin earlier this month. The gin was “produced with distilled Pinot Noir grape skins from the Chapel Down harvest and blended with English wheat spirit,” according to the company.

Pinot Noir Gin is the third in Chapel Down’s liquor lineup, which also includes Bacchus Gin and Chardonnay Vodka.

Chapel Down Head Winemaker Josh Donaghay-Spire says the gin “is infused with the characteristics of Pinot Noir, including juniper, coriander, dried red berries, rose buds, citrus fruits, rosehip, angelica and grains of paradise,” Marie Clarie Australia reports.

Sadly, the rosé-colored gin is not available in the U.S., but it can be purchased online in the U.K. via the Chapel Down website.