Rosé jelly is the sultry companion peanut butter has been looking for. A new company called Drunk Jelly (“aka fancy wine jelly”) is making a jelly spread that tastes like wine, and it’s exactly what the rosé-everything crowd needs.

According to the Drunk Jelly website, the rosé jelly is made from the company’s “favorite sweet rosé wine” with flavors of cherry, watermelon, and a hint of lime. The company also adds that it’s the perfect way to “have your rosé all day without being totally basic,” which is debatable, but does it even matter anymore?

It’s hard to believe this product hasn’t already taken over the wine-drinking world. Jelly, after all, is made with grapes, just like wine. Jelly, like wine, belongs with fine cheese and charcuterie. Jelly, like wine, tastes amazing paired with peanut butter sandwiches (trust me).

If you’re over rosé already, there’s also Moscato, Pinot Grigio, and Chardonnay.

Drunk Jelly’s name is a little misleading, though. All of the wine-flavored jellies are non alcoholic. But that means you can spread it on all of your food throughout the day without feeling guilty. You can buy a jar of Drunk Jelly for $6 to $9 on the Drunk Jelly website.

h/t: Refinery29