In a beer-world-changing moment for beer geeks such as this author, Belgium’s Rodenbach brewery today announced its first-ever collaboration beer, which will be brewed with Dogfish Head Craft Brewery of Milton, Del. this year.

The nearly 200-year-old brewery, founded in Belgium’s West Flanders region in 1821, specializes in oak-aged mixed-fermentation ales such as Rodenbach Classic, Rodenbach Vintage, and Rodenbach Grand Cru, each epitomizing the Flanders red style. The historied brand inspired much of the American sour ale we enjoy today.

Rodenbach agreed to the partnership because it found a “kindred spirit” in Dogfish Head, Rudi Ghequire, Rodenbach master brewer, said in a press release. Ghequire referred to the partnership as a “historic moment,” adding the timing is perfect, “as sour beer has become more popular than ever before.”

Another reason for the partnership: Dogfish Head’s SeaQuench Ale is currently the top-selling sour beer in America.

The feeling is, of course, mutual: Dogfish Head founder and president Sam Calagione said he’s been a “huge fan” of Rodenbach since the early 2000s, thanks to legendary beer writer, Michael Jackson.

The collab is still in its early stages, with plans to brew and blend the beer in the U.S. in 2019, for an early 2020 launch. It will be available in both the U.S. and Belgium.

If you ask us, 2020 can’t come soon enough.